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The journey

Planting of the Seed

My journey from Mt. Katahdin, ME to Spring Mt., GA

The journey starts long before the trail. 

Mine began as a Scout around age 11. Just a couple of miles into my first overnight trip I realized my love for backpacking. As we hiked up Snowbird Mt. with my troop (354)  I noticed me and a older scout quickly leaving behind the rest of the pack. At one stop, while waiting on the rest of the troop he revealed his dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail.  Followed by me asking about a million questions. Trying to wrap my brain around such a seemingly impossible endeavor.  It was then and there the seed was planted. And now, thirty years later... a dream comes to fruition.  

Tentative launch date: July 16th, 2019

White Blazes

White Blazes

White blazes mark the continuous footpath from Mt. Katadhin, ME to Springer Mountain, GA. The official length of the trail for 2019 thru-hikers will be 2192 miles. The trail fluctuates a few miles each year due to trail maintenance. 

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This website will not only be a great way to keep up with me on the trail, but hopefully a good resource for people preparing for there on thru-hike or section hike. 


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